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Like my shirt? Get one here: Support me on Patreon: Instagram: @Guns.and.Guitars … Brian Wampler, President of Wampler Pedals, demonstrates his Ego Compressor. Dial-in the Ego …

Part 1: I’m building a custom pedal board out of aluminium and I thought I’d share with you the process in case you wished to do …

MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compresor Pedal –

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This year at NAMM, the Dunlop booth included a pair of new MXR pedals. The Il Diavolo is a classic-style OD with an especially smooth sound, and the Dyna …

The MXR design team took a classic recording studio fixture and stuffed it into a pedalboard-friendly box. The MXR Studio Compressor features Attack, Release, …

JOYO — JF-10 Dynamic Compressor(Product Demo and Review ) ———————- The JOYO representation of the classic Ross compressor but with with very …

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MXR Dyna Comp Compressor Pedal

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Buy Now: Next we’re scoping out the Dyna Comp Mini from MXR. The beloved Dyna Comp has been a studio workhorse since the 1970s.

The MXR Distortion Plus ( is a simple pedal that cranks out a range of distorted tones from a bluesy overdrive, to full on fuzz.

MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compresor Pedal –

101 Effect Pedal Clones – The Cavan Project

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